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Sales Coaching requires three valuable components if you want to increase productivity and revenue consistently, decrease churn and staff turnover. Sales Capabilities are about closing the sale and all the intelligence needed to get through the sale process. However in todays market with all your competition after your customers time, attention and money, we need to innovate your people with superior skills. They need Sales Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.  With these three skills, your people doing sales will gain respect in the market, have incredible confidence and self motivation, increasing sales for you consistently like never before. Sales Coaching is about inspiring and empowering your people to feel educated so they can go out into the market daily feeling great about what they do. 


Are your employee's blocking your success?

This valuable exercise is vital to increasing productivity creating alignment and innovating your environment. Knowledge is essentially power in this critical case. Use the contact form below to arrange a meeting with Mary-Anne so she can explain the process in detail how you can increase revenue. Or phone +61 416161486.

Increase your close rate by 80%!

Mary-Anne is a Sales Performance Expert. Being number One is Sales in her Corporate life coupled with being a Business Owner for many years she offers huge value teaching superior skills. Mary-Anne offers a solid framework using techniques backed by neuroscience and tools that will increase your close rate exponentially. 

Clients Praise

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Mary-Anne's Sales and Business Coaching took me to number ONE in Australia. She taught me how to be authentic in front of my clients and gave me business savvy skills, risk management formulas and much more, I could not have done it without her talent. Gerard Selvam, Sensis Australia. https://www.sensis.com.au/about

Mary-Anne ran a Management Workshop for myself and my nine Branch Managers. Her consistency and drive to encourage perfect alignment within the group was brilliant. Her perception was spot on to allow me to follow through and create a team that I knew they aspired to be. I highly recommend Mary-Anne, she is a smart cookie and Executive Coach.

Bonnie Rodwell MD BONZ Australia and NZ.


We use Mary-Anne whenever we are about to create a change within the Business and need to be really authentic about it. Mary-Anne is incredibly talented, not only with her Business Skills, but her ability to tune into our vision and really help us create the best results. She is straight to the point, at the same time has an empathetic quality about her that really resonates with us. You wont regret using her services, that’s a given.

Jeanette and Paul Southey, Directors of A1 Homes. http://www.a1homes.co.nz/wairarapa/a1home

“We used Mary-Anne to coach our Managers, and also our sales team on how to be Media Consultants not order takers. The difference in the team after her sessions was amazing. The tools and ideas they now have to use has already produced stunning results and our clients are receiving a service from us that no other Media Consultant in our market can or has delivered before. Mary-Anne is innovative, uncompromising, demands the best and leaves no room for mediocrity. I have high respect for her teaching methods and her ability to instantly diagnose issues and put in place structure to correct them. Mary-Anne is truly gifted. Maryanne is one of the best tools of the trade I have as an Advertising Manager!”

Advertising Manager, Jo Dryden APN News & Media

Christine Hatton, National Trainer, Mediaworks NZ, Mary-Anne Frank has a unique ability to call it like she sees it – no holes barred. Uncannily she is right on the money. If you feel comfortable as you are that is ok – but if you want to ‘ change your stars’, then Mary-Anne is the right person for you . 

'A Real Honest delivery, An Inspiring Media workshop. Mary-Anne was easy to understand and straight to the point. Stimulating and exciting. Resonated very closely. Made me think how I could be more positive. She really understood what it was like out there for us. She read everyone spot one. She added great value. Mediaworks Sales Staff comments after workshop'.

There was little structure in place for the sales team, and Mary-Anne quickly introduced new targets based on productivity as well as sales, regular one-on-one sessions, and a new way to organize their week to maximize sales opportunities. Analyzing history of customer buying behaviors she was able to identify potential areas of growth. She was particularly focused on inactive accounts and turning them into contract holders for this company.

The impact of the “recession” came to Marlborough later than other areas of New Zealand. Mary-Anne had the viewpoint it never arrived at all. Her indomitable spirit refused to talk the economy down, encouraging the team to ensure benefits of our products were front of mind, and she successfully saw the sales team move through this period in a very positive manner.

Mary-Anne is a decisive and intelligent individual, who quickly sums up a situation and is always solution-based in her strategies. Mary-Anne is a lively “mover and shaker” – she gets things done and she also has terrific empathy with people.

General Manager, Vanessa Watson – Marlborough Express Fairfax NZ

Mary-Anne’s coaching has given me more power with clients and given me an overall sense of direction and much more. I highly recommend her. 

Andrew Jones, Sales Coaching Melbourne.

Mary- Anne has been a power of knowledge , perception and awareness when it comes to clients needs and aspirations as well as formulating the best solution for them. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer. Highly recommended. 

Khiraad Khambatta, Sales Coaching Melbourne.

She has understood the need for me to value my unlimited potential. Self empowerment of my self and empowering my customer will bring about a far more rewarding experience and outcome. I give her an 11 out of 10!

David Gallehawk Sales Coaching Melbourne.


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