I want a Reading.

What I offer

I have a unique gift that I discovered when I was little. When I looked at numbers information would come to me. So I use your birthdate as a portal to connect. Unlike a numerologist who reads birthdates as a science, I am Clairaudient  and Clairsentient there fore I connect through the vibration of numbers and was known for many years on national radio as a Parapsychologist. under my previous name Mary-Anne Frank. 

Would you like a recorded reading?

Just simply email me your date of birth below and that of your significant other and or your children and I will pick up what you need to know. This recording generally is around 20 minutes long and my fee is 125 AUD. Send me your details below. To make your payment CLICK HERE.

Face to face reading over the internet

I find Facebook messenger really easy and the connection is good. This session is an hour long. The good news is we will also include uncovering your blocks and clear them, so you can be energetically aligned to create what I get for you. For example I may see love coming to you, but if you have a fear of being hurt or believe relationships are too hard then we need to clear that so you can have what your heart and soul really desires. This is an amazing session. Like me on Facebook here so we can find each other. This service is 250 AUD. Send me your Inquiry and details below. To make your payment.  Click Here 

Contact Us

Give me your date of birth and that of a significant other, plus children and let me know if you are having a face to face session, what times and days suit you best, so I can give you some options.

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Mary-Anne Quezel

81 Queens Road, Melbourne Victoria 3004, Australia

+614 1616 1486