How to make 2019 your YEAR!

This Event will now be held on the 16th February at Scared Mist, 67 Glenferrie Road Malvern.

Would you like to live your full potential?


An Invitation

This is an invitation for you to become a valuable participant of this future International Event. Mary-Anne and her team are creating a powerful one day self discovery pilot called 'Practicing a brilliant way to be human' If you would like to ignite your inner super hero, discover your courage so you can trust that you can live your full potential, then you will love this event. 

When and Where

This will be held on Saturday the 16th February  from 10am - 4pm at the Scared Mist, 67 Glenferrie Road, Malvern. 

Future events will be Australia wide and some in New Zealand over the coming two years. Vancouver Canada, this July/August!

Why a Pilot Project and how that helps you?

This is a pilot project which will set the stage for future events. The purpose is  so we can evaluate, personal achievement, performance and outcomes, time, and feedback so we are offering an 80% discount for those who attend. Feedback is required by way of video or photo testimonials to be used for further promotions in Australia and overseas. You will receive incredible insights, tools and techniques so you can begin to really master your life. 

What to Expect.

Upon arrival you will be asked to share your viewpoint from an impromptu question, which will be videoed. This will not be published without your permission. This is an interactive event where you will be invited to explore your inner world using various safe and proven exercises, tools and techniques so you can increase self awareness, self motivation, self management and TRUST that you will be able to master your potential. The results of this will have you manifest exceptional relationships in love and business so you can thrive.  All materials are confidential and you will be also asked to sign a confidentiality agreement. 

Registration and Investment.

You must register no later than 9th February 2019. Registration forms which we will emailed to you once you express your interest using the contact form below. We will then contact you for an interview in light of being accepted. To confirm your place, pay in full below, using the Paypal button provided below.  

Follow up after the Event.

We value how you continue your path of growth, therefore we offer a follow up connection for the group on Zoom. We will hold two follow ups two weeks apart so we can re-connect and share progress and success stories. 


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Interviews will be held on Skype, Zoom or FB Messenger or Better yet see us in person.

Mary-Anne Quezel

81 Queens Road, 3004, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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