EFT Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique.

Check out the Doctors findings in this video from the EFT participants. 

What is EFT all about? (Mary-Anne's viewpoint)



What is EFT (Tapping) 


EFT stands for 'Emotional Freedom Technique' and is often referred to as Energy Psychology. EFT is gaining a great deal of attention having been used by the US Military Vets suffering from PSTD and Depression. www.stressproject.org, plus EFT tapping is used in Schools in Queensland Australia and is widely used by Psychologist. Doctors use EFT tapping for patients suffering from Anxiety, Depression, PSTD, Addiction, Weight Loss and much more. Here is the directory of Doctors who used EFT tapping in their practice. 


There is no limit for what EFT tapping can be used for including creating what you do want using Law of Attraction, Goal Setting and overcoming any resistance to achieve the desired outcome. The reason most people fail to achieve what they want is because we have sub conscious blocks. Once these blocks are cleared success can be experienced. 

As an Advanced EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Life Coach, I have seen people create windfalls of money out of the blue, magically creating the relationship they do want and my clients have also experienced massive increases in confidence, and release self defeating behaviour. 

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