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Mary-Anne is uniquely multi talented and she has been working for herself for over 20 years. She has a gifted combination of skills as a Corporate Business Entrepreneur, Performance Coach, Emotional Intelligent Expert and is Highly Intuitive.  If you get the chance to meet Mary-Anne you will notice she is very authentic sharp, has incredibly strategic mind coupled with being emotionally intelligent and charismatic. This comes across well with her skill as a speaker. Mary-Anne transforms her audiences both on stage and has for many years on radio as well.

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As a Performance Coach creating alignment and increasing productivity for companies, this may seem like a mile away from her magically gifted talent as a highly sort after Intuitive.  She reads people like a book and using this skill to help people in business and in life. Mary-Anne was published in the Woman Weekly when asked to do the Reading for the Royal Wedding. She was on National and Regional Radio Stations from 2005 through to 2013, before moving back to Australia. Her experience studying the science of the mind for over two decades has made her an incredibly empathic and knowledgable Executive Coach and was one of the reasons why in 2018 she was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to become a qualified Teacher for Search Inside Yourself  Leadership Institute born out of Google.  putting her in a highly respected position.

Did you also know she is the author of two published books available on Amazon? See under her previous name below. Mary-Anne decided in January 2019 to change her surname by deed poll. As as speaker, and storyteller on stage, she is very authentic about her past and upbringing having suffered from PTSD most of her life which lead her to years of addictive behaviour.  Mary-Anne cured herself of both PSTD and Addiction by consistently practicing emotional Intelligence and using energy psychology also known as EFT Tapping. If you want to feel inspired and ignite your life, get in touch today. 

Our Ultimate Truth offers an invitation to stop pretending so we can come home to the authentic self

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As my service is highly confidential, some Executives prefer not to share. Over the years I have keep a few who are willing here. 

I was in the worst state of my life, just lost millions, marriage over and didn't know how to cope with my ego fighting all the way. I was highly recommended to Mary-Anne and felt she was my last hope. I did the 5 day Intensive with Mary-Anne and its like she could read my soul, she saw all my blocks. It was incredible. I left feeling empowered, and still use her today.  I highly recommend her! James. CEO.

I just lost my husband and was left running our multi million dollar business. I was broken. I spent 5 Intensive days with Mary-Anne and couldn't believe where all the fear went. She was a miracle worker. I have continued to work with her over the years and she is amazing. Chris McFadden. CEO.

Mary-Anne gets to the core of what is going on for you. Authentic, loving and intuitive, Mary-Anne will uplift your vibration and assist you to move forward. You will be better for connecting with her. Remarkable human. Mary Watson-Burton Board Member.

Mary-Anne is wonderful as our business and personal coach.
She helps us to succeed and focus on our goals.
We now have multiple income streams, fantastic and loving relationships and freedom to push ourselves to a higher level.
We love working with her and fully support anyone wanting to take themselves to a higher level with Mary-Anne. Paul Southey. MD.

I highly recommend Mary-Anne for anyone looking to grow in any aspects of their life. Self Love, relationships, career, family, wealth and any other aspects you want to work on to have a fulfilled loving life. Christina Casares. Executive. 

Hi Mary-Anne,  it absolutely blows me away how quickly you got to the root cause of my blockages and then just as easily removed them.... Wow!! Thank-you!!..... Please feel free to use this as a reference. Blessing to you Mary-Anne you are a wonderful Coach and Healer.--Stephanie Halliday. CEO.

Maryanne uses a holistic approach with her clients.  It was a unique and insightful experience which has assisted me immensely. I highly recommend Maryanne to anyone looking to reach and develop their personal and professional goals. Tamara Krivonos Melbourne. Australia.

I first met Maryanne when she agreed to come on our breakfast radio show regularly and work her magic with our listeners. She was absolutely adored and highly regarded, providing insight into what she does and helping listeners in their lives. I have also personally used Maryanne’s services for my own life with immediate results in terms of direction, inspiration and outcomes. I highly recommend Maryanne as a thoroughly professional and gifted person, leadership coach and mentor who certainly creates clarity and focus, helping people get out of their own way. Vinnie Aston Breakfast Radio Host. Toowomba, Australia.

'Leadership Coaching with Mary-Anne using NLP and EFT was empowering. She stimulated my thinking, triggered my thoughts, and gave me techniques that allowed me to be more empowering and authentic towards others. The outcome of results was incredible. Highly recommended' F.Wilson, Football Association. Board Member.

'By Asking me the right questions Mary-Anne allowed me to consciously own what I wanted to create. Empowering a transition from old thinking to new thinking using NLP and unique techniques.' I highly recommend her' Christine H. Managing Director DNA Sales.

John Wingate – USA Simply amazing to speak with. Very inspiring and truthful. Highly recommended. 

Oslyn Mitchell, Melbourne – My partner and I have also both used Mary-Anne Frank for EFT and Coaching as she is like a magician the way she knows exactly how to get to the core of the issues. EFT is amazing, and after every session I feel on top of my game. She has helped me incredibly, a very talented lady.

Rowena Gould,  Melbourne – OMG, I cant thank you enough Mary-Anne your Coaching has been outstanding and life changing for me in so many ways. I have completely started loving my life so much, finances, relationships everything is just getting better and better! You are a miracle worker!!!! I have experienced such lasting and fast results, thank-you!! If you are considering making any change in your life, Mary-Anne is so good at what she does, I highly highly recommend her. Just ask her for my phone number if you want to know more. 

I recommend this to everybody!, I spent years suffering from anxiety, worrying about what everybody else thought, reacting to life and feeling that there was something wrong with me. After spending two incredible days with Mary-Anne I feel so clear, I now have life changing tools to genuinely respond to life and I know what I want and feel free. Highly recommended you have to experience it for yourself, its amazing. Lil Olierook, Sunshine Coast, Australia.