I teach people how to master business & life from the inside out.

We all want success whether in business or our personal lives however we define it. What I offer are thorough transformational tools and techniques that increase clarity confidence and certainty so you can create what you want. I help people unpack the real stuff using emotional and energetic intelligence and clear any blocks or limitations so you can make sensible decisions move forward and nail it!

Choose from one of the following that meets your needs.

I am an Executive needing to transform my personal life so I can feel fulfilled.


I don't feel fulfilled. I have money and toys but feel there has to be more to life than this. I isolate myself and my personal life is full of pretence. I want more meaning in my life, enriching real relationships so I can feel  happy.

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I am a Business Owner. I need my staff aligned productive and happy.


My staff are important to me. Some say they don't feel valued. Others create conflict. This effects productivity and profit. Stress is common place and lack of motivation. I want this to be better. 

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I am a Leader who needs more performance, engagement and less stress leave.


My team is all over the place. We make target one month and not the next. I want them to take responsibility, self motivate and engage more with customers. I want them to increase their close rate so we can have consistent success.

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I am a individual who needs to create love, positive energy and happiness so I can love my life.


I am tired of being unhappy and pretending everything is okay. I suffer from anxiety, some days I feel depressed. I want love in my life. I want to feel enough just because I am me. I want the tools to manage my life so I can be happy. 

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I need to know about my future options. And line up with what feels right.


I want a reading so I can be energetically align to my future. I understand that you were on the radio for years doing this professionally and even did the reading for Will and Kate's wedding published in the Woman's Weekly. 

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I need a Speaker who has a powerful message that will transform the audience.


I want people to remember you and what a great job I did in finding you. I want to audience to feel moved and inspired by what you say. I want them to feel that you get them and have solutions so they can feel empowered. 

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